The Introvert...

He knows he is talented
He knows he can be the best ,
But he's the bird who wont come out
He's too comfortable in his nest.
People judge him the wrong way
They think he is dumb,
But he just can't express
His body goes numb.
He has all the knowledge
But he is uncomfortable sharing ,
Its not that he doesn't want to
He can't handle staring.
So he sits in the corner
Even though he is the smartest in the room,
He is busy thinking ideas
But all you see is gloom.
One day he will succeed
He will be the high flying bird,
In front of you he is the introvert
But one day his voice will be heard...


  1. I really like this poem. And if I might suggest any change, it would be to eliminate excess personal pronouns. The he's and the his. Shorten the sentences, and I think you have a winner here. Just a suggestion. :)

    1. Thanks for the advice,i'll make the ammends:)


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