I miss your embrace.....

Everytime i set my eyes on you
My heart skips a beat,
And everytime you smile
Im swept off my feet.
What is the best thing i hear?
Its my name on your lips,
What is the best thing i feel?
Its your hands on my hips.
You make me feel special
Like I'm the only thing you need ,
I want to be forever yours
To follow where you lead.
Want to hold your hand forever
And never ever let go,
I can be your song
And you my marshmellow.
I feel lucky to have you
And to know that you belong to me,
Whenever i spend time with you
It's the happiest i can be.
So today I'll tell u something that you know
And i'll say it without further adeu,
Dat i know you love me
And i madly Love you.
I can't ever stay away from you
Its important i see your face,
The moment you are gone
I miss your embrace.


  1. Great poem, sounds like you are missing someone :)

  2. Awww there was so much passion and emotion behind these words! Did you send this to the person you wrote it about?

    1. I did send the poem to my loved one, and i got the best reaction possible... Its a very special poem

  3. A beautiful poem that really conveyed your feelings. I would definitely feel special if someone wrote that poem for me.


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