She met her crush...

I see him standing across the road
and big smile lighting up his face
his hair is disheveled
and he hasn't bothered to tie his lace.
In one hand he holds the tulips
the ones here brought on his first date
and as I reach him
he hand me a chocolate.
I don't speak a word
he doesn't know what to say
so I notice his shirt
and his sweater that is grey
I realize he's saying something
and we then start to talk
all so slowly he holds my hand
and we go on a walk
I know he wants us to be together
just like before
but I just remain silent
and we're soon back at my door
Our time is up
I know he has to go
I don't want to be sad
I don't have to feel so low
I could live without him
There's nothing more I can do


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