Can't stop loving you...

A time comes 
When everything feels wrong ,
Life becomes full of noise
Gone are the songs .
Everything you loved 
Turns out to be a lie,
You can't find the reason 
You can just ask why .
All the happiness
Everything that made me smile ,
There is no use of the memories 
They lie around in piles. 
Try and forget all the words
And d way that i feel,
But the tears don't stop
I'm not made of steel .
This feels like a punishment 
For opening the gates,
Fir letting someone in
Maybe this is my fate .
To not be loved 
And to be sad ,
This makes me feel lonely 
I want to talk to dad.
But i know i have to take some decisions
Somethings that i have to do,
Maybe I'll manage everything 
But i can't stop loving you.


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