I got a proposal...

Today I propose to the guy who made me smile,
To the guy who made me cry
Who can me laugh in a second, and loves to call me sweetie pie
Today I wanna propose, cause you gave me love
And showed me what I can be
Don't know what you see in me
I'm proposing, cause you gave me reason to live
You are the reason I open my eyes
You are l like that oasis
Without which my desert would dry
I propose, cause you are something I need
Life is better with you at my side
You are my one happiness
The reason for my pride
For you are the very best
A person with a big heart
Though all men are fools
You turned you to be smart
I propose, cause I love you
Even though I know you deserve someone better
I write straight from my heart
Down to the last letter
I know I'm not Harley Quinn
I'm something to mediocre
I would like to ask you
To be my crazy joker.
                                -Always and forever yours


  1. Fell in love with this poem........<3
    Waiting for your next poem...

  2. Truly amazing! Worthy words๐Ÿ‘

  3. Nice One Sharanjit ๐Ÿ˜‹✌️✌️

  4. Aussoooommm writing dear keep it up.. no wait more now send me next


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