The wait....

 I sit and wait by the door
Expecting you to come along,
But its only the wind singing
Telling me to stay strong.
In my hands are your letters
Even though they are memorized im my head ,
I remember everything about you
Every word that you said.
But then you left me alone
Forcing me to judge who you were ,
And I'm afraid I will remember something bad
Or my memories will blur .
So today I went to the place where we met
And I sat there all day ,
My steps had turned shaky
My hair a shade of grey .
At last I'm convinced you were a liar
That your love was a lie ,
So I swallow my little pill
And think of you as I die.
When I open them I'm in heaven
And I'm dressed as a bride,
And I notice you smiling at me
Now that You are finally by my side....


  1. This poem is incredibly intense. The last moment of taking the pill, and finally believing that love was a lie is so sad.


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