My belief in God..

There once lived man named Jack 
and he didn't believe in God,
Never ever visited a church 
thought that cross was just a rod.
He went around laughing and singing
said he didn't need God in his life,
No one bothered to debate with him
Cause his tongue was as sharp as a knife.
But one day his son didn't come home
cause he lay in a hospital bed,
They said that accident was too bad 
And he would soon be dead.
He called all the best doctors
from all the far away lands,
But in the end he was left all alone 
with no one to hold his hand.
He was tired of everything
even his hair had turned grey,
So for the first time in his life
he sat down to pray.
His son soon got well
and he was finally rid of his grief,
that's the most amazing moment
When an atheist starts to believe.....


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