Being 'Just Friends'...

I like you, I love you
But you don't give me a chance ,
And everytime I try to leave
Im caught in your hypnotic trance.
I don't want to stay this way
But i don't have the courage to leave ,
I can love you more than anyone else
If only you would believe .
This 'just friends' thing eats me up
It messes my head to be friendzoned,
Sometimes i curse the way you think
But maybe its your heart that's made of stone.
Give me a solution to this
Will you ever realize how I feel,
My will power is weakening
Im not made of steel.
I know you keep ignoring my love
But baby I'm not a fool ,
It was ok in the starting
But being just friends is not that cool!.!


  1. Very nice yarr 👌👌👌👌

  2. That is a great poem. You are truly talented.

  3. Nice. I can tell that you're in a lot of turmoil about this. Sometimes honesty is the best policy. Have you talked to this person? Sometimes you just need to put it out there and let the chips fall. Sure, it can cost a relationship too, but, in the end, its usually better to just be open about things. Good luck!

  4. Aw, the friendzone.... Not a good place

  5. Aw, man, have I been there. I can tell you from experience that it's better to really get it out in the open. Discuss it. At least you'll know you tried.

  6. Beautiful poem but such a hard place to be in. I hope that you are able to somehow move the relationship in the direction you desire or move on from it.

  7. You wrote a really great poem! Sometimes friendship is all there can be, unfortunately.

  8. yeah I am so over people playing the highschool game. I am so glad I am married and dont have to worry about that drama anymore. Before I would say if you want to be just friends then treat me that way. There is definitly a different way to treat just freinds verses girl friend.

  9. Beautifully put! "Just friends" can have many outcomes, I think honesty is the best policy. Put your feelings out there but don't be pushy about it - you can't make someone love you that way... They may love you back already, they may develop those feelings for you gradually, or they may just never feel that way for you for whatever reason. Whatever it is, accept it, and have the relationship they want with you or cut your losses and move on :/

  10. This is so touching. We're lucky to be married now, but we can relate. We've all gone through those impossible relationships.

  11. It's heartbreaking when a person you have feelings for only sees you as a friend. If you haven't told this person how you feel, maybe it's time you did so that you'll have the chance to either move on or maybe win her/his heart.

  12. That's such a powerful poem, full of emotions. Sometimes, even if you like a person there's no going beyond the friendship. It's just tough for the person on the other end though, that he or she is being friendzoned.

  13. What a wonderful poem. And for ladies who just keep holding on this guy, please tell if he doesnt have chance coz he deserve to know it.

  14. Well said, it's good poem, keep on writing!
    P.S: name


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