Love Rains

Drought had cursed the village
it hadn't rained for years,
there was no water around
only the tears.
Farmers were giving up
some committing suicide,
but there was no hope
even the cattle died.
In one of the houses
a different battle was being fought,
against the old beliefs
against the old thoughts.
A young intelligent man
wanting to marry out of his cast,
his love was waiting
he had to do something fast.
They told him she was wretched
n she didn't deserve him at all,
she was of a lower caste
but he had to tale a call.
So he went to her village
and married her in secret,
decided to take her home
he bought the train tickets.
He called at home
his family filled with rage,
they cursed her family
and her entire lineage.
On the other hand
the couple traveled for a day,
wondering in there minds
what was to come there way.
The whole village present at the station
waiting for their train,
but all there anger vanished
when she stepped out and it began to rain.... 


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