Standing on the edge...

Standing on the edge of the terrace
You look down below,
You think of all the times you cried
All the tears that wet your pillow,
You think of the times .
Wen life was good ,
U think if giving life a chance
And most probably you should.
But then comes the memories
All bitter and sour,
In the dark you look for light
But it seems too far.
You take one more step ahead
And you feel a certain relief,
You know that there is a way
You can be free of the grief.
But then you hear a voice
Trying to stop you,
You remember the love of your life
And how she loves you too.
You take half a step back
Now you are not so sure
You remember your child ,
His smile so pure.
You turn around to get down
A sad smile on your face,
But you lose balance
And fall off the terrace .
That moment is when you want life
Just a single second more ,
Thankfully your sleep is broken
You check the time... Its just four.
Everyone else is sleeping
So the terrace is where you go,
You dont bother to cover yourself
As it starts to snow .
You climb on the terrace wall
Stop to listen for any sound,
But there is none
And you slowly fall to the ground.


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