My mother's Crime

My mother is in jail
She will be there for years,
There is no one to give her a hug
Or to wipe off her tears.
I remember that fateful night
When i saw her face,
Its was cold and wet
We were on the terrace.
My dad was drunk so much,
he couldn't walk,
he would hit her
Whenever she started to talk.
Her hand was full of bruises
Her skin was black and blue,
He saw me watching
And his anger grew.
He picked up his bottle
And stumbled towards me,
He twisted my arm
My mom yelling to let me be.
But he soon caught my neck
And i shouted out in pain,
My mom requested him to leave
But it was all in vain.
It was getting hard to breathe
When she picked up a knife,
She was the protective mother
Not the tortured wife.
She gathered all her strength
Drove it into his chest,
He died in an instant
Maybe it happened for the best.
But now that she is in jail
I ask if the court was really right?
Was it really a crime
To stand up and fight.


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